Friday, January 30, 2009

A Quick F# Update

First, a few people have asked me privately how "F#" is said. It is said as "F sharp", just as C# is pronounced "C sharp". I'm not sure why Microsoft decided that # should be spoken as "sharp" as opposed to one of the many other alternatives for this symbol, such as "hash", "pound", or "crosshatch".

Next, Chris Bowen has made the slides of his presentation that I attended and other resources which he spoke about available on his blog. The MSDN blogs have been intermittent for me over the past few days though, so you may need to reload a few times before his page displays for you.

And finally, I'll mention Foundations of F# again. I've only had time to
look at the first 3 chapters so far, which introduce the key concepts of F# to the reader, and briefly flip through the rest of it. So far I am very pleased with the book and I find Robert Pickering's writing style very easy to follow without going at a snail's pace. I definitely recommend this book for anyone either starting off with F# or even just looking to explore the possibilities.

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Roderick said...

The F# and C# symbols are pronounce "sharp" in music.