Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Mojave Experiment"


It's really difficult to describe the Mojave Experiment, but I'm pretty sure that as I viewed this page with my jaw on the floor, I would have said "Wow!" if I could have spoken.

How bad are things for Windows Vista if Microsoft has to trick people just to get them to try it? Yes, that's right, Microsoft can't get people to even give Vista a quick look, so they have taken to disguising it as "Mojave", the "next Microsoft OS". And they have of course highlighted some positive responses and they threw in one skeptic to make it seem realistic.

And by the way, I was also surprised when I wasn't prompted to download Silverlight before I could view the site. I've been holding out and still don't have Silverlight on my main workstation, so I expected to see a prompt before the page loaded. Instead, it loaded seamlessly because Microsoft used Flash for this site instead of their own technology. Hmmm...

I'm glad I'm not part of Microsoft's marketing team trying to dig out of the hole they have found themselves in.

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